At universities in NRW the so-called "students self-administration" exists. That means, we are able to govern our (political) issues autonomously and on our own.
Of course there have to be students and panels, that administer this function.

 Therefore students have their own structures and organisations to represent their political interests, which you can find in the model below. 

All the structures and actors seem to be a little complicated. For this reason we'll explain the main panels for you:
All students of Münster university are members of the "Studierendenschaft" and are allowed to elect the panels.

The student parliament ("Studierendenparlament")

The Student parliament consists of 31 members, who are elected for one year. All students of Münster university can vote for different political lists of candidates in the last week of november every year. The lists are similar to the "great" political parties in germany and send their elected candidates to the student parliament.

The parliament is the legislative power of all students. Among others the parliament has the function to elect the AStA-chairmanship, to control the work of the AStA and decides about larger financial applications. Especially the enacting of the students budget plan is an important function of the parliament because the financial resources of the students self administration consists of several million euros.

AStA-chairmanship ("AStA-Vorsitz)"

The AStA-chairman is elected by the student parliament with the absolute majority of votes of the parliament's delegates.
Normally two or more lists create a coalition in parliament to enable the absolute majority for one candidate. The chairman coordinates the work of the AStA and has the political responsibility for all students.

AStA-abstractors ("AStA-Referent_innen")

All abstractors are appointed by the AStA-chairman and work on a specific thematic aspect. Basically, the AStA-chairman is allowed to establish as many departments as he wants. Currently there are six departmants, each with two abstractors working on themes like students politics or sustainability.

Autonomous departments ("Autonome Referate")

In addition, there are seven autonomous departments which represent the interests of different groups of students. Those departments can act autonomously from the political AStA and are elected by their plenary meetings. Afterwards the abstractors are formally appointed by the AStA-chairman, too. The abstractors represent the interests of specific groups of students, such as homosexual or disabled students.
In addition to the autonomous departments all foreign students are allowed to elect thir own representation, the ASV ("Ausländische Studierendenvertretung").

Student unions representation ("Fachschaften und Fachschaftenvertretung")

All students of a subject of study are the student union of a subject. Their representation is called "Fachschaftsvertretung" and consists of elected students of a subject. Currently there are more than fourty of these representations at Münster university. All representations meet weekly to discuss relevant themes and to decide about financial applications of single representations. These meetings are called "Fachschaftenkonferenz".